Patent # 9,045,176

August 1, 2014

AirWedge II over-the-road fuel mileage testing is complete.  You may access the recently completed test Report(EXCEL).  This report includes 4 summaries with sidebar notes.  The 4 summaries are:

     1.     % mpg increase summary of all test routes that were identical for both baseline and test 

     a.     (including the non-identical sections of the baseline would raise the % mpg gain amount of the test sections).

     2.     % mpg increase summary removing only the heavy south end stop and go section.

     3.     % mpg increase summary of north end with single unload/pickup in large metropolitan area.

     4.     % mpg increase summary of test-track like section with just ‘normal’ long haul driving.

Below these are the raw test data points with notes as they occurred.  And then below that is the raw test data grouped together in the summary route sections.

We found the test summaries interesting how they showed the difference in mpg gains as driving activities changed within the routes. 

July 30th 2014

Airman has re-designed and completed operational testing of the mounting system for the AirWedge II.  The old design using a rail system attached to the underside of the trailer is replaced with a simple four point mounting arrangement.  This improvement removes slider sticking issues and it also lowers the AirWedge's weight and production costs.  These costs and weight savings are significant and Airman is pleased to be able to pass these savings on to our customers.

MAY 29, 2015

EPA has issued SmartWay Verification for the original AirWedge I (The early version of AirWedge II).  The track tested 2.25% fuel mileage improvement places the AirWedge I in the SmartWay Verification 1% Category.  The letter can be seen here.  The AirWedge I is the model that was tested in the Fall of 2012.  The test results and unit configuration can be seen here.

The current model, the AirWedge II, is lighter, stronger, and has improved aerodynamics not found with the AirWedge I.  The AirWedge II over-the-road test results are below.  After review of these tests it becomes apparent why Airman Inc. can offer our 5% guarantee.

June 2, 2015

The United States Patent and Trademark Office issues patent # 9,045,176 for the AirWedge II Aerodynamic Under Trailer Control System.

June 19, 2015

Owner operator Jerry Fritts of American Overland Freight LLC reports getting 7.1 mpg for 1,800 mile trip hauling 12,000 lbs at average 77 mph in serious wind conditions.  Jerry says "Thanks Airman.  My accountants tell me that my fuel costs are below 40% for my operation."