We are so confident that you will find our durable AirWedge III so hard to resist that we want you to shop around. Go ahead, the more you shop, the better we look.

You can find all of our competitors that are C. A. R. B. verified here.

Several of our customers make the statement "I don't drive my truck in circles so how does that track testing mean anything to me? All I ever hear about is how nobody ever gets the test number" Well, there are very good reasons for that but you will have to click over to the Aero Discussion page if you are interested in seeing what we have to say.

In the mean time, if you have already picked the 'low hanging' fruit of fuel savings by implementing the knowledge found in the Cummins MPG Guide then it is time to find your aerodynamic solution. If you need to go into California then you will certainly need a C. A. R. B. verified device. There are many to chose from here.

If you do not go into California and you are not drivingaround in circles then you are ready for the world class proven fuel saving AirWedge III that is designed by drivers for drivers.