TESTING and Airman Inc.

Airman has been envolved with aerodynamic solutions and testing for over 15 years. We have approached our product testing in a real world way by building prototypes and running them down the road on real trucks hauling real loads. Our efforts are focused on providing lasting solutions that do not need any driver input while enhancing safety and drivability with an eye towards improving the operation's bottom line.

We have spent substantial funds for EPA tests that are not reflective of our real world results. Most know this is a problem that after they have bought into those results and then find out that they are not real. Airman wants to find a testing protocol that can be relied upon. To that end, we are working with some folks that we believe can provide real world numbers. This was not available just a few years ago because we did not have access to the new onboard systems coupled with GPS and wind tracking. Now that it is available we will be testing with a state of the art truck that will be operating and recording during actual operations. We expect to have these number by 3rd quarter of 2019.

The new AirWedge III out performs the AirWedge II so we are still offering our 5% fuel mileage guarantee so if you want to get started saving before the official results are in give us a call today and we can offer you a pre-results discount. The more units you order the greater savings we can give you.